Ways of Being

Pope Francis reminds us that …

“Educating is not a profession but an attitude, a way of being; in order to educate it is necessary to step out of ourselves and be among young people, to accompany them in the stages of growth and to set ourselves beside them. Give them hope and optimism for their journey in the world.”

Ways of Being – Our Priorities

At the Catholic Learning Community our Ways of Being include the following priorities:

  • Welcoming Jesus Christ as the centre of our College life
  • Examining all decisions through the lens of impact upon the diverse learning needs of all students
  • Embracing and utilising community voice and involvement
  • Building capacity of staff to use data to inform one’s own work and student learning
  • Believing in the potential of every child and passionately holding high expectations
  • Collaborating for an innovative, sustainable and just learning environment.