Kindergarten From A Parents Perspective: Oh, The Places You’ll Go!


Alison and Emma Bradbury at The Stanhope Gardens Catholic Learning Community

You know the day will come when your child starts school, however, when that day arrives what a mixed bag of emotions you go through knowing they are about to embark on one of the most important journey’s of their life.

Today saw me send off my youngest daughter Alison onto that very journey.

She started her education career at the Catholic Learning Community of St John XXIII in Stanhope Gardens on Thursday, February 1.

A lot has gone into preparing her for this day, as she is a fairly shy girl and both my husband and I wanted her transition from preschool to Kindergarten to be as stress free as possible.
Preparations for her first day started over a year ago, when we changed her preschool to St John XXIII Early Learning Centre to help her make some friends who would be going to kindergarten at the adjacent school.

There was also getting her involved with extra curricular activities like swimming and dancing lessons to boost her confidence and independence.

Preparations also were made in regards to getting her uniform, shoes and lunchbox.

As a parent I felt I had given her the best chance to prepare for school and so when her big day came I was probably feeling more nervous for her, than she was feeling for herself.
The night before I was expecting it to be a restless one, with her getting up during the night and needing reassurance.


Principal Dr Peter Webster with Emma and Alison Bradbury


However, there was none of that. She had the best sleep ever.

In the morning I was expecting her not wanting to have any breakfast.

She had baked beans on toast.

When it came to getting dressed, I was expecting her to be hesitant and nervous.

She was so keen and had herself dressed in the blink of an eye and already asking me how she wanted her hair done.

As we walked to school with dad, grandma, big sister, I was expecting her to be holding onto me for dear life.

She was happy to walk hand in hand with her big sister and even asked her grandma to sit next to her in the hall.

Then when she was asked to sit with her classmates and listen intently to her Principal Dr Peter Webster talk about kindergarten and the learning journey ahead, I was expecting some nerves and anxiety to take hold.

Then it was time for her to head of to class.

I have to say what a proud parent moment I had when she waved her little hand "goodbye" and headed off with her classmates and teacher for her first day in Kindergarten.

It made me think of that awesome Dr Seuss book Oh, The Places You’ll Go!