Standard Forms

Standardised Forms including Absentee Notification by Parent, Extended Leave Application, Change of Address / Contact Detail Notification, Subject Selection Form, Assessment Consideration Form, etc.

  Absentee Note - Full or Partial Day School Absence

Absentee Note - Full or Partial Day School Absence Absentee Notes are to be provided to Class or Learning Circle teachers on the day of the student’s return to school.

  Extended Leave Application

Extended Leave Application for students, Kindergarten - Year 12.

  Notice of Change of Student Contact Information

Form to be completed by parent/caregiver should any details in relation to Student Contact Information alter to that provided on the Enrolment Application Form.

  ACARA Privacy Notice

ACARA Privacy Notice to all parents regarding disclosure of personal information and an option for parents to request the College to NOT provide ACARA with information about their child/children.

  Munch Monitor Canteen Online Ordering System

Munch Monitor is a management system that provides parents/students with online ordering and cashless cards for school canteens. This document explains how it works and how to set up an account.