‘Learning’ is pivotal to the future of our Catholic Learning Community as we strive to provide a comprehensive educational program that allows each and every member of the community the opportunity to grow and develop.

Our students and staff need to be 21st Century learners and be both critical consumers and producers of knowledge. They need to be able to collaborate, to think critically and to communicate effectively. They need to be able to respond flexibly to the demands of their workplaces, and create their own opportunities through entrepreneurialism.

Learning has no boundaries



At our Catholic Learning Community we are organising our learning environments for our learners and the skills they will need. We are personalising the learning to meet each student’s diverse needs. We are using a range of data, research and evidence based learning to inform our teaching practice. We are flexible about how and when students learn by using agile spaces and connecting technologies. Learning has no boundaries, and we support learning opportunities for students in a variety of formal and informal contexts.

We have looked beyond 9am to 3pm schooling at our site with, our site is open from 6:30am – 6:30pm with COOSH, CELC, and a K-12 College driven by our understanding of education as lifelong. We understand the importance of education from early childhood to post school.

This vision has required us to look beyond the ‘traditional’ boundaries placed on schooling, the industrial based schooling structures are irrelevant in our contemporary context. To ensure that our schooling model is meeting the needs of contemporary learners we need to reimagine the role of the teacher and our use of spaces. We need to not only base our practice on research, but we need to use research and evidence to inform the development of new and more effective ways of learning and teaching.

A 21st Century pedagogical approach with an emphasis on the 7 C’s

This is best implemented through a 21st Century pedagogical approach with an emphasis on the 7 C’s (Catholic Worldview; Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Connectivity, Culture and Communication). In a fast changing world, we believe that more of the same knowledge and skills will not adequately prepare our students for the future, and that we must equip young people with the capacity to think, solve problems and respond to and flourish within a changing society. Our challenge therefore as educators is to ensure quality pedagogy works within the world of contemporary students and to constantly build the capacity of our staff to improve the learning outcomes for all students, and to ensure professional and rewarding life for staff.

The 7 C's



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