Our Story

Consult not your fears but your hopes and your dreams - Saint John XXIII
Under the symbol of the winged lion, St Mark is the defender of the future… 'Be Not Afraid'


Inspired by the wisdom of Pope John XXIII and St Mark, in response to the exponential demand for Catholic education in Sydney’s north west and seeking a new paradigm of Catholic schooling, our Catholic Learning Community came to life in 5 demountables off a dirt track from Bentwood Terrace, Stanhope Gardens.

This new Catholic Learning Community, developed on the old Perfection Dairy site, became the flagship of Catholic education in the Diocese of Parramatta. Greatly supported by a growing parish, and led by Foundation Principal, Ian Jordan, the small but connected community quickly established itself as a new identity on the landscape.

Traditional settings were challenged and a transformational approach welcomed. Learning spaces and teaching teams were agile. Technology for all transformed the classroom and global learning was the norm. Physical resources were shared and the collective wisdom of educators provided rich, resourceful, energetic learning.

Close connections and partnerships were paramount. Every student, staff member and family mattered. We celebrated as a community.

Starting small in 2005 with Kindergarten, Year 1 & Year 2 only, our whole school population was just over 80 students. By 2008 demand for a position in our learning community was so strong we enrolled 4 Kindergarten classes and we have continued to enrol to capacity since that time.

2007 saw our inaugural Year 7 cohort of 68 students begin under the leadership of Ms Robyn Meddows, Foundation Principal. At this early stage, our learning community was already known as a place where students were educated now for an ever changing future. A place where the inclusion and safety of every student in our care was recognised as an essential element for success. It was the time when the diversity of learning styles led educators to be adaptive to the curriculum to ensure learning was delivered in a personalised, meaningful way. Refinement and reflective practice was continuous.

By 2009 our pre to post community was fully operational with the inclusion of our CELC and COSCH and the opening of dedicated secondary learning spaces including our Library, specialised Art and TAS rooms and recreational spaces.

We continued to experience unprecedented growth with some cohorts doubling in size for consecutive years. This growth kept us young, fresh, challenged but importantly sure in the knowledge that our foundations were strong and we were doing something right!

2014 saw the addition of senior learning spaces, specialised Hospitality Kitchens, Design & Technology spaces and a College Staffroom catering for 150+ educators.

The final piece of our puzzle came to life in 2019 with the completion of our Performance HUB. Our large student population, staff and families finally have a place where we can gather as one. A space way beyond expectation with a capacity in excess of 1000 seated, outdoor function spaces, Music and Drama rooms, even a Recording Studio. What a reason to celebrate! Our very first welcome event truly was spectacular!

From a small group of parents who put their faith in our vision, sending their early years primary children in 2005 and Year 7’s in 2007, our K - 12 student population in 2020 now exceeds 1800.

Nevertheless from 2005 to 2020 these ideals are at the core of what we do:

  • At Stanhope every single student counts!
  • At Stanhope every student is called to make their mark!
  • At Stanhope every student is challenged to be the very best they can be!

At CLC Stanhope our core business, here and now, is to give every student the opportunity to discover their very own kind of awesome. Every single student matters.

We are proud to be the Catholic Learning Community of St John XXIII, Stanhope Gardens.