A hub of excitement in Stanhope Gardens


Students and families at the Catholic Learning Community of St John XXIII Primary including St Mark’s College in Stanhope Gardens were recently treated to a dazzling launch of a new performance space that will provide great opportunities for the school as well as other schools within the Diocese.

The performance hub provides over 11 bookable spaces and has been in the works over the last two years. Designed to create more learning opportunities for Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta schools, the Performance Hub will have a focus on sports and performing arts.


To mark the occasion, students were treated to a sausage sizzle followed by the hub’s first-ever performance. Parents were also invited to join in the celebrations later in the evening where students presented their artwork to a crowd of eager families waiting to get a glimpse of the new space.

“The atmosphere at our welcome event was incredible. As performers, we felt really connected to our audience. It really is an outstanding facility that will inspire us,” said Isabella and Zac from St Mark’s College.


The main event kicked off at 6pm with performances from the school choir and band as well as the dance and drama groups who captivated audiences, offering a taste of the potential that the new space holds for showcasing student talent.

As a final celebration, fireworks were launched to officiate the opening of the new space which will now be used to provide students with the opportunity to practice and showcase their talents on a wider scale.

College Principal, Dr Peter Webster, described the event as a spectacular night and a ‘long-awaited dream’ for the school community.

“The professional standard of multi-faceted spaces within the Performance Hub is inspirational to learning for students and teachers alike,” said Dr Webster.

Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta schools wishing to make a booking for various spaces within the Performance Hub should contact ralcantara4@parra.catholic.edu.au. Public bookings will open in the next few weeks, providing the local community with the opportunity to utilise the facilities.