Circle in Silence NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND Initiative as CLC students embrace National Week of Solidarity supporting refugees

Last week during the National Week of Solidarity supporting those seeking asylum, Year 10 and Year 12 students who are part of our Faith in Action Team, stood in a circle of silence to raise awareness of the 16 000 plus children and young adults seeking asylum in Australia. Many of their families have been significantly impacted by the COVID 19 pandemic economically, socially and emotionally. Many people seeking asylum work in highly precarious service-oriented sectors and as a result of COVID 19 have seen huge job losses among this group. Despite this, they have been ineligible for substantive government such as JobSeeker, JobKeeper and some don't even have access to Medicare.

Social justice is a strong element of who we are here at CLC Stanhope. It is fantastic to see our young people being socially aware and reaching out to those in need.